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Shear tube cutting

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High performance tube cutting machines We propose the most innovative and efficient machines on the Market: Supported shear tube cutter: with I.D. Punch and O.D. Dies, this innovative and proven process offers the most competitive solution for tube cutting: High production rates up to 5000 parts/hour No material loss No chips – No washing of cut tubes necessary! No burr No distortion Very high tool life up to 5 000000 cuts.  

Abrasive disc tube cutting (electro-chemical process)

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Tube cutting by abrasive disc and electro–chemical process The electro- chemical tube or bar cutting process is the most advanced technology for cutting small diameters tubes and bars without any burr, at high speed (up to 10 000 cuts/hour) with high precision up to 0.01mm for applications in the Medical and Aeronautical Industries : O.D. 0.25 to 63.5mm Wall thickness min.: 0.02mm Length: 2 mm to infinite. The electro –chemical process allows also high precision grinding operations: Tube end pointing […]

Automatic Integrated Tube Transfer Lines

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Automatic Integrated Transfer Lines Our tube transfer lines have been successful in the world for all types of applications in the manufacturing of tubular parts and components: Car seats Head rests Steering column Tubes for Air Bag applications Ladders Step Ladders Tubular components for Scaffolding equipments… Our integrated lines allow to perform automatically with high production rates and precision all necessary operations on tubes: Cutting Bending Forming Punching Drilling Threading Welding Assembling 100% Control without any intervention From the Random […]

Bending machines

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CNC Bending machines – Tube bending robots We propose a large range of bending equipments, from conventional CNC tube benders up to 10 axes, multi-level and multi-radii at very competitive prices to the most advanced technology of robot tube bender offering an important improvement of the performances up to 50% with high precision, high repeatability and total flexibility. High performance – Precision- Repeatability – Flexibility- Multi-function… Advanced technology: up to 10 axes – Multiple Radii – Multiple levels etc… For […]


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Tube forming We can propose all tube end forming processes: Vertical press – Axial Forming – Radial Forming – Rolling with our stand alone or integrated units. We adapt our process according to the type of tube, the material or size of tube to achieve the required deformation with highest production rates and precision: Swaging — Expanding — Flaring — Beading — Spinning — Flanging — Grooving etc…