Electrochemical / Abrasive tube cutting machines

Tube cutting machine with electrochemical abrasive process

coupe de tubes électrochimique

Cutting of tubes by electrochemical process

The process for cutting tubes and bars with an abrasive and electrochemical process is the most advanced technique for cutting small diameter tubes without any burrs, at very high speeds (up to 10,000 Pcs/Hour) and with precision of 1/100mm for applications in the medical or aeronautical field: – Diameter 0.25 to 63.5 – Minimum thickness 0.02mm – Length 2mm to infinity. This process also allows grinding operations for high precision applications: pointing of tubes, needles – grooving of tubes – grinding of biopsy stylets, endoscopic cutters in the medical field as well as split nuts – grinding of contours 3 shafts for rotor blades – grinding of grooves – grinding of shapes, etc……in the aeronautical, medical fields, etc….

coupe par procédé électrochimique

Tube cutting machines by electrochemical process