Tube manipulation

Transfer line for tube manipulation

Ligne transfert pour le travail du tube

Tube manipulation consists of cutting, forming , bending, punching , machining of tubes for various applications in the automobile industry , motorcycle, cycle , household appliances ,armaments , building, ladders , fences etc …
We offer complete integrated solutions for all types of productions including bending , punching, flattening, crimping,  threading, notching, chamfering etc…
We have multiple complete integrated lines installed  for the production of finished products and components such as :
• Ladders and stepladders
• Scaffoldings
• Fences
• Furnitures
• Automobile parts and components
• etc.

FAbrication automatisée d'échelles

Automatic integrated transfer line for ladders.

Fixation de marches d'escabeau par rivetage ou sertissage

We can offer innovative and competitive solutions for all applications with our complete transfer lines including cutting, machining, forming, bending, punching, welding, assembly, control, packaging, labelling Etc… :
Car seats, headrests,steering, air bags, shock absorber,  Etc…
And also : 
Props and all components for scaffolding ready to use , finished ladders and stepladders , packaged , labelled  ready for sale !