Bending machines

CNC bending machines – bending robots

We propose a wide range of bending equipments, from conventional CNC machine allowing the shaping of tubes by bending up to 10 axes, multi–levels and multi–radii at very competitive prices, up to the most advanced bending technology with robot-mounted bending head offering an important improvement of the performances up to 50% with high precision, high repeatability and total flexibility.

• High performance – Precision- Repeatability – Flexibility- Multi-function…
• Advanced technology: up to 10 axes – Multiple Radii – Multiple levels etc…

For less demanding applications, we can also offer external bending system without internal mandrel with bending rolls and external sliding shoe..

Robot de cintrage de tubes- Machine à cintrer les tubes CNC

Tube Bending Robot- CNC Tube Bending Machine up to 10 axes

Machine de cintrage de tubes -

CNC bending machine for tube bending

Exemples de tubes cintrés avec flexibles et raccords sur robot de cintrage

Examples of bent tubes with hoses and fittings on a bending robot