coupe de tubes électrochimique

Abrasive disc tube cutting (electro-chemical process)

Abrasive disc tube cutting

Pipe cutting machines with abrasive disc by electrochemical process

coupe de tubes électrochimique

Tube Cutting By Abrasive Disc and Electro-chemical Process

The electro- chemical tube or bar cutting process is the most advanced technology for cutting small diameters tubes and bars without any burr, at high speed (up to 10 000 cuts/hour) with high precision up to 0.01mm for applications in the Medical and Aeronautical Industries :
O.D. 0.25 to 63.5mm
Wall thickness min.: 0.02mm
Length: 2 mm to infinite.
The electro –chemical process allows also high precision grinding operations: Tube end pointing –  Needle pointing.- Slot grinding- Stylet grinding – Endoscopic cutter grinding – sophisticated form grinding – Honeycomb grinding 
for high precision purposes in the Medical and Aeronautical Industries.

coupe par procédé électrochimique

Tube cutting machine by abrasive disc and electro–chemical process